Invent for the Planet 2019

Registration is now OPEN! Check the link:
Registrations are open until Feb. 4! Hurry up, JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

If you had the chance to make a difference in the world, would you? In just one weekend, your team could make an actual impact on the world around us, the world we live in. Invent for the Planet, a 48-hour intensive design competition, puts real-world challenges in front of you and your team with the hope and expectation that you can make a difference. Clean up our coastlines and oceans. Provide electricity to remote villages. Invent for the planet.

Invent for the Planet 2018 challenged students to tackle big issues such as species conservation and basic human rights. The students developed products with the goal of making the world a better place for the inventors of tomorrow. We’re doing it all over again, only bigger!

Any UTCN student, both undergraduate and graduate students, are welcome! Participants will have 48 hours to solve global problems such as Waste Management, Food Security, Medical, Education, Environment, etc. Check out the promo movie below!


Invent for the Planet will be held in multiple locations across the globe simultaneously. Each group will start on Friday, February 15th. New groups will join the race to innovation as time travels across the world. Students are allowed to self-select teams. Each local team will work on provided design challenges and will be encouraged to connect with teams across the globe as they come online.

The end goal is to enable students to push their innovation/creativity, compete for the best design, gain practice, and encourage the best teams to use their designs as a jumpstart for forming startups. At the end of the 48-hour event, student teams have developed a product / solution and are encouraged to pursue that further and explore commercialization.

You will interact with professional and graduate student mentors and be supported by professional maker staff. Most of all, you will meet people interested in innovation, gain exposure to new technology, find ways around roadblocks and have tremendous fun!